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4 Best Features For You To Achieve The Utmost 


Detoxifies at the cellular level and to boost energy.


A super-wholefood packed with complete nutrients and live enzymes which promotes youth and improves immunity.


Alkalizes over acidify body to maintain good health.


Improves digestion of the colon and liver, boost stronger immune system.

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Barleygreen® is the perfect solution to make your body alkaline, to supercharge your immune system, and let your body fight off any illnesses naturally. According to Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Otto Warburg - no disease, including cancer, can survive in an alkaline environment. BARLEYGREEN® is a Certified Organic & Wholesome Superfood containing highly Alkaline nutrients that balance body acidity. BARLEYGREEN® also Boosts your Energy and Detoxifies your body at the cellular level with 16 vitamins, 17 minerals, 18 amino acids, and more than 300 live enzymes.

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The digestive system is designed to detoxify harmful  substances. However, when the body is overburdened, it may accumulate harmful toxins. FIBERGREEN™ support the body's natural elimination process and helps prevent the day-to-day buildup of toxins. The fiber "sweeps" the digestive tract clean and speeds up toxin elimination time. FIBERGREEN™ formula that combines the fiber from herbs, barley grass, and a variety of fruits and vegetables helps to facilitate detoxification even more effectively.

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70% of your immune system is in your gut. To have a strong immune system, you need to ensure your gut has more good bacteria than bad bacteria. PROBIOTIC+PLUS helps boosts good bacteria and promotes the production of natural antibiotics in the body. It is a Synbiotic supplement containing both Probiotic and Prebiotic that work together more effectively to protect your body from viral infection & boost your immune system.

Why Do We Need To Detox ?

Toxins overloaded stresses our body.

First of all, if you have the following circumstances, you are very suitable for this 7 days Detox Program!

1. Less than three bowel movements per week, bloating or flatulence.
2. Excessive weight loss and dieting, worry about the digestive system.
3. Often eat from time to time.
4. Office workers who often sit and work or students who have been sitting in front of the desk to prepare their examination.
5. Women with reduced bowel function after childbirth.
6. Easy to feel tired, headache, lack of energy and motivation.
7. Despite controlling diet and maintaining exercise, weight gains

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Join us in a wellness program designed to cleanse your body for a short 7 days trial period. This program uses the combined functions of Premium BarleyGreen® to help to detox, alkalize and nourish your body. This program serves as a short trial for individuals to experience how detoxing the body can improve their body experience. We recommend individuals to go through a complete 6 – 12 months detox program to gain the experience of a lifetime.



When you are on a detox treatment, be sure to drink plenty of water. Drink at least two liters of water daily. You can add lemon slices in the water and you are allowed to drink sugar-free black coffee, but don't add creamer or whipped cream and don't add sweetener! In addition, you can also drink black tea, it is recommended to take matcha, but you must not add any sugar. Think twice before drinking anything. The best thing to your body is boiled clean water. Schedule a relaxed exercise, have meal without meat, look for inner peace, you can lose 2 pounds (about 0.9 kg) a week. Any time you want to relax, and don't want to deviate from the goal, you may arrange this holistic 7-day organic detox treatment!

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