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As the founder and owner of Japan’s largest pharmaceutical company, there’s only 3 hours sleep in my busy schedule with regular meal of hamburger and curry rice. This made my health deteriorated rapidly in the age of 38 with bad decayed, falling teeth and ashen hair. I re-ponder the relationship between human health and modern medical science technology. Hippocrates and Shin Huang-ti inspired me that preventive medical science by improving physique is the fundamental to health. Therefore, the seeking of food that promotes health by activating body’s self-healing ability began. After more than a decade of research and experiment on 150 types of plants, juices of young barley leaves have been confirmed as “Natural Ideal Food” which contains abundant nutrients and mild taste. It also has the greatest ability to eliminate wastes out of human body. Based on “the principle of the Rainbow” of anti-cancer, research on organic carotene and red beet continued as different colours of fruits and vegetables have different nutritional value and anti-cancer live plant compounds which provide different energy. My health regained and improved after long-term consumption of Juicing. Thus, I introduce young barley juice to everybody to experience the benefits of Juicing, the importance of strengthening health and also the wisdom of ancients.

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