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Look Young Outside,

Feel Great Inside with

Organic Juicing

Juicing has been long recognized around the world to promote youthfulness. As we grow older, our own body production of enzymes will start to slow down as early as age 25. The decrease of enzymes level in our body will cause you to grow older faster. Therefore, we need enough enzymes from foods sources to maintain our body enzymes level. By incorporating food such as fruits and raw vegetables as part of your daily juicing, you will feel 10 years younger than your actual age. 

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Enzymes – Important source to Maintain Youth and Energy


You can enjoy the energy of 35 years old at the age of 45

People that practice daily juicing possess higher level of enzymes

63-Year-Old Mom With Her 41, 40 And 36-Year-Old Daughters Stun The World With Their Youthful Looks

Meet the Taiwanese family that may have hacked the secrets on how to look young forever.

Fresh fruit and raw vegetable juices are rich in enzymes. Enzymes spark the hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions that occur throughout the body; enzymes are essential for the digestion and absorption of food, for the conversion of foodstuffs into body tissue, and for the production of energy at the cellular level. In fact, enzymes are essential for most of the building and rebuilding that goes on in the body every day. When foods are cooked or processed, enzymes can be destroyed; that is why raw foods and juices are so important to us. They provide us with an excellent source of all-important enzymes.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes cats or dogs eat grass? Researchers suggested that the reasons why they eat grass because they are lacking some nutrients and enzymes. They turn to vegetables to boost their vitamins and minerals for self-healing, thus promote longevity.


Nutritional researchers have concluded the vegetables that form the core of any effective juice program are green vegetable juice, carrot juice, and beet juice. Combined, these three juices provide a simple way to a natural, healthy nutrients diet. This is the “Golden Trio”.

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– Anti-aging

youth enhancer 

Dr Hagiwara, the founder of Barley Green, has dedicated years of his live on over 150 types of plants, including fruits, vegetables, grasses and herbs. He found that “young barley grass is one of the most nutritionally balanced foods in the nature.

He invented an award winning patented processing method that able to keep the nutrient & live enzymes intact/content & 20 times more concentrated.


  • Detox – Boost Energy     

Enzymes and chlorophyll in barley grass detoxify our body at the cellular level. The toxins in our body include pesticides, heavy metals, food additives, preservatives, various chemical pollutants, and colorings. 


  • Alkaline – Improves body condition

Barleygreen contain nutrients that improve body metabolism and balance the acidity of our body. According to Nobel Prize Winner, Otto Warburg, cancer grows in tissues that are acidic and lack oxygen. Minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium are alkaline nutrients that maintain health from acidic foods such as processed foods, fried foods, high fatty foods, and sugary foods.


  • Nourishment – Promote Youth

Barley green contains a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals, protein (amino acids), chlorophyll, pH alkaline and live enzymes such as 2”-0-GIV and P4D1, needed by the body to help detox and strengthen our body. Research has shown that deficiency or exhaustion of the body’s enzymes leads to aging and disease.

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Beta Beet

- Maintain the strength

of your heart

Science has only recently recognized the value of beet juice to human nutrition even though people have been drinking it for centuries. Beta Beet is packed with iron, calcium, iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, magnesium and folic acid.

  • Provide nutrients for blood building

Eating beets helps to reduce the risk of anaemia and boost body energy by increasing body supply of oxygen

  • Detoxify and provide nutrients the liver

It has a cleansing effect on the liver, kidneys, gall bladder and lymph system. 

  • Protect the heart and balance blood pressure

Presence of betaine helps to lower blood pressure and in turn, prevents arteriosclerosis (the thickening and hardening of the walls of the arteries).

  • Relieve pre-menopause symptoms

Beet is also known to be very helpful for women experiencing menstruation disturbance, menopause by balancing hormone level.

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Beta Carrot

– Radiant skin, good eye health and boost the immune system

A good source of beta carotene and other carotenoids, B vitamins, vitamin C, minerals, calcium, and potassium. Enriched with Acerola Berries, it is a rich source of vitamin C. Beta carotene is one of about 500 similar compounds called carotenoids, which can be found in many fruits and vegetables. Drinking carrot every day helps you to:

  • Improves your skin & complexion

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals. Vitamin C aids in your skin's natural regeneration process, which helps your body repair damaged skin cells.

  • Support your eyesight

Beta carotene in carrot helps to support your eyes and will help to reduce the risk of cataract, dry eyes and strain.

  • Improve your immune system

Vitamin A and Vitamin C in carrot and acerola berries is important in strengthening our immune system and promoting healthy cells growth

Why Wellness Concept

Functional Juicing Program?

  • Award-winning and patented processing method

  • 20 times concentrated and fully assimilated juice powder

1kg of BarleyGreen, Beta Beet and Beta Carrot = The concentration of wholesome nutrition contained in 20kg of young barley grass, beets and carrot.

  • Contain more than viable 300 live enzymes

  • Certified Organic by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

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How to Drink


Beta Beet, and Beta Carrot

  • Mix 1 tbsp (6g) of BarleyGreen, Beta Beet, and Beta Carrot into with water or your favorite juice.

  • Consume twice daily, recommended before breakfast and before sleep

  • Drink the juice on an empty stomach: 30 minutes before or 2 hours after a meal

  • Do not consume with hot liquids since heat will destroy the live enzymes.

Below are women that have consumed our Functional Juicing Program and have observed tremendous change in health. Drinking juice daily has helped them to feel more energetic, youthful, and overall well-being.

Jess Ong.jpg

Jess Ong

In Your 20s,

Possess Healthy & Radiant Skin

I was introduced to BarleyGreen by a relative. I take BarleyGreen for health maintenance as I'm currently in my final year of degree, I tend to neglect sleep to catch up with my work which I believe may affect my overall wellbeing. I also think micronutrients are just as important as macronutrients when it comes to maintaining a strong immune system and effective bodily functions.


After taking BarleyGreen I have more energy throughout the day (less restless) and my bowel movements have definitely improved!

I will definitely introduce BarleyGreen to my friends & family. BarleyGreen provides great amount and variety of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are often not supplied by our daily food intake. Some deficiencies are very common now due to the current diet intake whereby vegetables and fruits are often pushed aside.

Christy Thong.jpg

Christy Thong

In Your 40s,

Rejuvenescence of Your Body

I have been taking Barleygreen for more than 10 years. I am an accountant in a corporate and the hectic daily routine and stressful lifestyle had driven me ill. I could not focus in my works and started to feel tired easily. Fortunately, my colleague who had similar body condition recommended Wellness Juicing Program to me. I gave it a try and miracles happened!


After taking the program, I felt that my perimonopause symptoms had slowed down and seldom experienced any of the symptoms. My primary schoolmates have been consulting me of my youth keeping secret during every gathering. I felt very grateful and shared the program to my friends and family. Thank You Wellness Concept.

Khloe Tan.jpg

Khloe Tan

In Your 30s,

Stay Energized & Vigorous

 I started to consume Wellness Juicing and Probiotics to replenish my nutrients 6 years ago. This Juicing program helped to solve my constipation and back pain problem. I also consume to ensure my baby’s development during my first pregnancy.


During my confinement period, Wellness Juicing Program helped to boost my immune system and energy level. I felt that my metabolism has improved as I did not feel drowsy all the time and also had better bowel movement. I recommend you to take the Wellness Juicing program to boost the immune system and energy level.

Chin Siew Lian.jpg

Chin Siew Lian

In Your 50s,

Stay Young & Healthy

I was introduced to this product by my cousin’s wife, who had breast cancer. I was diagnosed with nose cancer and had to go for radiation therapy. I consumed Barleygreen before the therapy and continue even after my therapy ended. I noticed that I don’t have much ulcers in my mouth. My brother who has the same diagnosis, needed to use an oral spray constantly before and after all his meals.
After my therapy sessions ended, during my regular gynae check-up, my doctor conducted a PEP smear, and discovered I have Angiomas, it was a growth between 0.35 to 0.40cm in size. Doctor advised me to have it removed although it is a very small growth. I made a decision not to, but made sure to have it checked regularly, and it remained the same size. Then after 6 months, the growth disappeared.

I have been taking it since September 2009, it’s almost 10 years. I never stopped consuming it. It helps to detox all the toxic out of your body. During therapy, one is prone to the smallest infection. By taking this product, you boost up your immune system and it does not make you feel heaty. BarleyGreen is the number one product in my mind for staying healthy. I will continue to share this wonderful product with everyone I meet.

Madam Lee_2.png
Madam Lee.png

Madam Lee

Lower Cholesterol & Anti-Aging

By consuming Wellness Concept Organic Juicing not only did it reduce my cholesterol level, but I have slimmed down as well. Now I look even younger, healthier and prettier!

Moo Fooi Foong, a breast cancer survivor, shares her experience taking BarleyGreen, Beta Beet and Beta Carrot in fighting cancer. Consuming daily Juicing every day has helped her coped through chemotherapy by providing her with immense energy and easing discomfort.

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