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We see you as a partner for it is a journey where growth, relations and a sense of adventure is built and felt together. What’s more, the business is our own; we earn what we work for. All you need is just passion, commitment and believe every day is an opportunity.


Different people have many versions of defining success. At Wellness Group, our creative interpretation extends a gateway which offers:

  • a chance to better health living through our health promoting products

  • experience the privilege to choose how time is spent be it with family, social fellowships, business network or a preference of personal quality time;

  • a choice to pave a new life

  • having great opportunity to build financial freedom through business recurring income platform

  • individual who seek new challenges and believe one deserve better in life


Wellness Group has a range of well researched and established organic nutrition brand products and eco-friendly lady’s care range series. The products have received recognition by well esteemed international certification organisation namely USDA & QAI (United States), JAS (Japan), OFC 9 Australia, ACO; and ISO9001-QMS, ISO14001-EMS and USFDA approval respectively. Wellness Group is also one of the recipient in the SME 100 Fast Growing Companies awards and won 4th place (national) in the Enterprise 50 Award.

Networking Event


There are two options you could connect with Wellness Group, as a Consumer or a Business Partner.

Should your choice of associating with us is to be a Consumer, you will still have the privilege to build your sharing network through the ‘Referral Program’ at any time when you are comfortable.
However, should your inner desire dwells towards building your business with us, we will be ready to journey on that path with you too! Joining Wellness Group in business requires minimal investment and does not involve risks for you need not worry in having huge capital. To grow in your new business, it is as simple as tapping to thee 3 ‘S’ principle –  ‘Sharing, Sponsoring and Service. However, it would be ideal that you begin using Wellness Group products to experience its benefits which would later ease in communicating about those products to people effectively. Wellness Group business plan allows you to reap great rewards and incentives through your effective well implemented effort.
Our support to see you grow involves providing product and service knowledge. You will have access to these training in various approaches such as print media, online and perhaps a meet with our available consultants, leaders or engaging you with one of our established business partners.

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