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Wellness Group was initiated through the joint effort of three sisters namely Vivian Tan, Agnes Tan and Adrenne Tan as a family business. The business aims to provide organic and health themed products, services, as well as collaborating opportunities towards entrepreneurial business network among people.

The Three Tan Sisters lost one sister who succumbed to brain cancer after 3 battling years. This experience left a painful mark on the Tan family. They regretted that due to financial constraints and limited knowledge on health, they could not provide better health care to their sister. This encounter made them realize how unpredictable and vulnerable life is. In consequence, they see the importance of good health and the need of sufficient wealth.Hence it is through 'Great Health' that brings about the foundation of 'True Wealth' before procuring any material wellspring. Later in life, the sisters came to know Dr Hagiwara who discovered BARLEYGREEN ®. He introduced the 'Green Revolution' product which aims to improve the quality of life. This inspired the Trio to share those values to others through Wellness Group.

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