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2 thumbs up to H2zen!!

Nano mist spray filled with hydrogen water,

keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated,

slowing down the aging process.

Ms. Khor Saw Yian

Ever since I started drinking hydrogen water from the H2 zen tumbler, I've felt less fatigue, more energized, and alert. Plus, it has been enhancing my performance at the gym.

Overall, I give two thumbs up to the H2 zen. I’m really in love with the Nano Mist Spray, it works effectively to penetrate, hydrate and allow moisture to be absorbed deep into my face, neck, and skin. My skin feels like its been replenished with water after using it. After my makeup, I'll also make sure to apply the mist to my face.

Thanks for the free gift Wellness Concept! Being beauty conscious, I believe that drinking hydrogen water and using hydrogen water to mist onto my face will slow down the aging of my skin as my age is catching up. I need to take care of my skin before it's too late.


之前我比较容易感到疲累,自从我开始喝氧水,我发现用H2 zen氢水来冲Juicing喝有明显地增强了我的体力和耐力,还增强了我在运动房的表现力。

此外,我天天都在使用纳米喷雾,尤其在化妆后和涂抹香精油后使用纳米喷雾,以使得深层细胞更容易吸收, 可以帮助我的肌肤保湿,达到肌肤水当当的效果。这得谢谢Wellness Concept的免费礼物 !

我相信喝氧水和使用氧水能够放慢肌肤老化,毕竟我是个非常注重外美的女性, 保养对我来说很重要。



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