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BarleyGreen and H2zen is a perfect match!

Hydrogen water has the capability to remove toxic free radicals, while BarleyGreen is rich with live enzymes helping you to repair damaged cells at cellular level.

Ms. Catherine Then

First of all, thanks to Ms. Adrene and Ms. Siew Ling for introducing the H2 zen device to me. I feel the water generated out from the H2 zen device is lighter and smoother compared to normal drinking water.

It’s even more obvious when I’m mixing Barleygreen with H2 zen water. Because the hydrogen has smaller molecule size, so it can travel freely inside our body organs and promote toxin elimination.

It is also a powerful antioxidant. I'm happy that it helps turn my cells into "an antioxidant factory" to clean up the free radicals.


首先,感谢 Ms. Adrene 和 Ms. Siew Ling 向我介绍 H2 zen 便捷式富氢水杯。 与普通的饮用水相比,我感觉到 H2 zen 生成的水更轻盈,更顺滑,它的吸收能力肯定提升双倍达到更好的效果,尤其是将大麦草粉与 H2 zen 生成的富氢水混合时,情况更加明显。

由于氢的分子小,因此它可以在人体器官内自由传播并清除体内的毒素。 它也是一种强大的抗氧化剂。 我很高兴它帮助我把细胞变成 “抗氧化剂工厂”以清除自由基。



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