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Body Pain & Weakness

Affandi bin Hamzah

As soon as I get out of bed, I feel fatigue, joint pain and weakness of the whole body. After listening to my story, my friend Mr. Lee was concerned and brought me over to Wellness Concept for a body toxicity screening.

The nutritionist at Wellness Concept shared what was in my blood through the body toxicity screening. From there, I was recommended the Colon Detox Program where it really helped me improve my body condition shortly after joining the journey with Mr. Lee. I followed the program closely and took the colon detox program daily and 7 days into the program my previous issues have improved.

I have been sharing this experience with my family and friends as well. Thanks to Mr. Lee, I was able to regain my wellness through Wellness Concept!


每当我一下床,就会感到全身疲劳,关节疼痛和虚弱。我的朋友 Mr. Lee听完我的状况后便感到很担心。于是他把我带到Wellness Concept 进行身体健康检验。

通过Wellness Concept的毒素检验,营养师分析了我的健康情况,并建议我进行肠道排毒疗程。我每天都定时服用,结果7天后,我以前所有的问题都有所改善。

从此,我恢复了健康,并与家人和朋友分享了这个经历。我非常感谢Mr. Lee,因为他让我通过Wellness Concept而重获了健康!


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