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How Hydrogen Water got popular

Hydrogen, the lightest element in the universe, was known to possess antioxidant capabilities ever since the introduction of standardized chemistry. Until recently, it wasn’t fully understood how vital antioxidants were to the healthy functioning of the body.

Extensive research was done in the mid-to-late 2000s, and cell mechanisms that involved the production of Reactive Oxygen Species and the role of oxidative stress in causing several diseases were fully realized. After the introduction of formal science, the earliest account of hydrogen having medicinal properties was in 1798.

People had been drinking spring water from several specific locations all around the globe for ages before the modern age. They noticed its beneficial effects, even though they were not privy to the reasons behind it being healthy.

Hydrogen water made a comeback in the early 60s in Japan, as Japanese researchers had a basic understanding of how and why it worked. Several different hydrogen products were being sold at higher prices than usual.

It was not until 2007, that Prof. Shigeo Ohta’s research group took an interest in the claimants of the several miracle water bodies over the world. Samples of water from these bodies were collected and analyzed. It was found that the only common factor among all the samples was the higher than average concentration of hydrogen found in them.

Several research papers were then published with experiments involving hydrogen water and its effects on several different lifestyle diseases, ocular vision, athletics, metabolic disorders, and cancerous symptoms.

The science and molecular mechanisms behind hydrogen water were further looked into in the 2010s by more Japanese and European Institutes.

Hydrogen water generators were then manufactured in Japan and Korea. This technology perfected the generation of H2 water and optimized it so that most of its benefits could be made use of efficiently.

The benefits of hydrogen water have been publicized and verified by researchers and approved by doctors. Hydrogen water generators have made it easier for people to access hydrogen-rich water.

We at Wellness Concept are proud to introduce H2Zen, a hydrogen water generator like no other, made using state-of-the-art Japanese and Korean technology, made to keep you healthy anytime and anywhere!


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