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What These 7 Fingernail Signs Say About Your Health

Nail health shows how well your body is functioning

Ever looked at a chipped, brittle, or black-lined nail and wondered why it looks that way? Well, it turns out that nail health is closely associated with how well your body is functioning in other areas.

For the general population, nail health is most often an indicator of poor nutritional intake or poor digestion. Brittle, weak, and peeling nails are often the result of a poor diet than diseases. True nail abnormalities generally only involve one or two nails and aren’t related to any major health concerns.

Healthy nails are considered to be smooth with no discoloration, but if there’s something abnormal with the texture and color of yours, we created this guide to keep your nail-related anxieties away.


What’s causing your nails to change texture?


Rough, splitting nails that may also crack easily are one of the most commonly reported nail problems. They’re also more often seen in women. Brittle nails are usually caused by repeated wetting and drying of your fingernails, so you should use gloves when getting your hands wet, such as when doing dishes.

How to fix this:

Eat more iron. Iron deficiency can cause weak & brittle nails. Try our BETA BEET & BARLEYGREEN to avoid iron deficiency.


Soft & Weak Nails

These nails break easily or bend before snapping. Soft nails might be caused by overexposure to moisture or chemicals — think detergent, cleaning fluids, nail treatments, and nail polish remover.

How to fix this: Weak nails are associated with a deficiency in B vitamins, calcium, & iron. Start taking multivitamin that includes calcium such as BETA BEET, & BARLEYGREEN. For stronger nails, try collagen from BARLEYGREEN+



This is likely caused by external trauma to the nail itself — by using your nail as a tool, pressing into the nail too firmly or removing acrylic nail polish. Nails can also peel if you soak your hands too long in foamy water.

Here’s a trick to figuring out whether it’s an internal or external cause: Are your toenails also peeling? If so, it might be an internal cause, such as iron deficiency; if not, it’s probably external.

How to fix this: If you think it’s internal, add iron & biotin to your diet You can get high amount of iron from BETA BEET. You can get both iron & biotin from BARLEYGREEN & BARLEYGREEN+



Have you ever noticed ridges that look like little horizontal or vertical waves on your fingernails? Vertical ridges generally appear later in life & run from the tip of your fingernail to the cuticle.

How to fix this: Vertical ridges could be indicative of iron deficiency anemia. Consider iron-rich food-based supplements like BETA BEET & BARLEYGREEN+


Yellow Nails

Yellow nails are, believe it or not, relatively common, and usually caused by one of two factors: an infection or a reaction from a product you’ve been using, such as nail polish.

How to fix this: Your new nails should grow in clear again, but there are many natural treatments such as vitamin E & multivitamins that help tackle infections. Take Vitamin E & multivitamins from BARLEYGREEN & BARLEYGREEN+.


White spots

Scattered white spots on the nails can signify a zinc deficiency. Usually, 30 milligrams per day of zinc for three months will alleviate it.

How to fix this: Take BARLEYGREEN+ or BARLEYGREEN as they are rich in zinc.



You know those little rounded white curves at the base of your fingernail? Those are called fingernail moons, based on the Latin word lunula (little moons! So sweet!). But not everyone has them. What does it mean if you don’t? Most of the time, this means nothing and they could just be hidden under your skin. If they seem to have disappeared, it could be a sign of malnutrition, depression & anemia.

How to fix this: Nourish your body with multivitamins and iron from BARLEYGREEN+and BETA BEET



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