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Sapphire Director

I remember being introduced to SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN® by a friend of mine. Initially, I started to take SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN® for health maintenance. However, I noticed that the spots on my face have started to fade and disappear. I was very surprised and am very thankful to Wellness Group for having such a great product. I took the initiative to contact the people at Wellness Group to purchase more SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN®. I also started to recommend SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN® to whoever that needs it. Feedback from a friend who are consuming SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN®, her tumor has reduced. Besides, I was able to earn RM5,500 as a passive income bonus within two months. I therefore agree and believe in Wellness Group’s motto, Good Health, True Wealth. Thank You.

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Sapphire Director

First of all, thank you Wellness Group for launching this new member recommendation rewards program. When I knew about the plan, I was resolved in achieving my target of recommending 20 new members within 2 months. I believe that with determination, there will be ways to achieve success. I am very active in sharing Wellness Group products, the benefits of becoming a new member and the Cost Saving Plan. In my opinion, the Cost Saving Plan is the best package plan for new members. New members will get free products worth up to RM500 and enjoy free membership. Members will be pampered with Birthday Deals, Blood Toxicity Analysis and more. I would like to express my gratitude to my customers, relatives and friends for their trust and continuous support. If you want to be successful, then you should learn from successful people. With a concerted action plan and a good intention to share, success will be within grasp. We have the courage to take the first step and make ourselves thrive and stride toward success!

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Sapphire Director

Firstly, I would like to share how I got into this Wellness industry. It all started when my uncle became a victim of cancer. Throughout the 2 years, I personally saw with my own eyes his constant battle with this disease and I realised how fragile life is when confronted with terminal disease. Not only it brought unimaginable suffering to my uncle, it also pyschologically affected all his loved ones for they have no solution to alleviate his long battle with cancer. After this sad episode, I decided to give up my jewellery business and ventured into this Wellness industry. Coincidentally,  a friend introduced me to Wellness Group. I was impressed with the Juicing and Detoxification programmes and decided to try out their products. True and true, after consuming the products particularly Wellness Juicing Programme, I saw significant improvement in my health condition. Then I took the initiative to take up some Wellness courses to solidify my knowledge in this field. All in all, it took me 2 full years when I was ready to embark into Wellness industry. During that time, my beloved uncled passed away. There is no word to express my sorrow.I promised myself not only I am desirous to turn this business opportunity into a full time career, another part of me is my passion to share with as many people as possible the importance of health for Good Health is True Wealth which is also the motto of Wellness Group. The joy of seeing such beautiful life changes in people has further fortified my mission to reach out in bringing happiness to those around me. I am blessed  for having successfully building up a team of 7 managers with 395 members within 1 year to grow this marvelous network business together. I enjoy inspiring people around me. I encourage all in this network business to lead by passion in sharing the goodness of Wellness Health Programmes to people around you and committed in building relationships with recruitment goal in mind. I would like to thank everyone for supporting and encouraging me in my journey toward building this business, generating a steady income and most importantly seeing positive changes  in people’s health which inspires me to take my business far and wide. Thank you.

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