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Are you experiencing BACK PAIN?

Back pain is the most common form of pain. About 80% of the adult population suffer from back pain at least once in their lifetime! Back pain is often caused by strain, medical conditions, and poor posture. These cause your muscle system to harden and cramp, eventually wearing out your vertebral and intervertebral discs and resulting in chronic pain.

Why am I experiencing back pain?


Genetic Factors




Obesity and Excess Weight


The StimaWELL®120MTRS System is a powerful treatment solution that relieves a vast variety of back problems.   

An ergonomically-shaped electrical muscle stimulation mat, the StimaWELL comes equipped with 12 pairs of impulse fields that offers multidimensional Dynamic Deep Wave (DDP) treatments.

Train, relieve and relax your tense back muscles like never before in just 30 minutes!



The StimaWELL® system is controlled intuitively via a simple touchscreen, along with a user-friendly guidance interface. Should the need arise, users can even adjust the intensity of the experience with just a simple touch – whether using the touchscreen or the provided remote control.


The StimaWELL® system offers customization down to the tiniest detail, adapting perfectly to your unique body shape. Precise calibrations balance impulses to provide an optimally distributed stimulation, targeting the areas of your back that need it the most.



Pain management (TENS)

Wide-area TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) targets key vital points or large areas of your back strategically to relieve primary pain, relax muscles with increased tone, and improve muscular blood circulation.

Muscle stimulation (EMS impulses)

Muscle Stimulation Therapy soothes and strengthens functionally disturbed back muscles – which are the primary roots of your daily back pain – along with alleviating persisting muscular conditions for your long-term health.


Heat therapy

Heat Therapy is a well-proven treatment for the majority of acute and chronic back problems. By stimulating your body’s own metabolism, Heat Therapy greatly benefits your body by increasing oxygen supply and nutrient absorption; as well as prompting the release of cellular waste in heated tissues.

Heat Therapy is commonly recognized as incredibly pleasant, calming, and invigorating.

Dynamic deep massages

Dynamic Deep Waves produce tapping, kneading, and stroking movements that penetrate deeper, work more effectively and feel even better than the traditional massage. They also generate deep muscle activation that helps strengthen your back muscles even more.

Get a one-of-a-kind combination of heavenly relaxation and effective muscle stimulation.

StimaWell Pic new.jpg

What our customers say about the treatment?

Christy Thong

Christy Thong.jpg

Customer Review

I strained my back because of exercise a while ago. I’ve tried many treatments, but none of them were effective. And one day, I came across this StimaWELL treatment on social media and decided to give it a try. 

The results were amazing and very effective! I only did it twice, and I already felt the difference. I don’t feel such soreness anymore! Thumbs up to this StimaWELL treatment!


Ben Khoo

Ben Testimony Photo.png

Customer Review

My back has been in intense pain every day for the past couple of years. I’ve tried all kinds of remedies, from seeing a chiropractor to doing yoga; but nothing has worked.

Until I tried the StimaWELL system. For the first time in a long, long time; I felt true relief after trying this remedy. It managed to make me feel whole again, remind me what not being in constant pain feels like.

Even after waking up the next morning, I still felt fresh, like a newborn baby. After trying this ridiculously effective remedy, there’s no way I’m going back to a life of pain again. Sign me up for the next session!


In just 30mins, you’ll experience a relieved back like never before!

Contact Us Now to Book Your First Trial NOW

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    30 min

    88 Malaysian ringgits




  • Q: How much hydrogen water should i consume to gain benefits?
    A: More than 1000 ppb of hydrogen will provide therapeutics benefits. It is recommended to drink between 2 to 3 liters of water per day for normal bodily functions. 1000 ppb is equal to 1 mg/l, therefore drinking 2-3 liters of hydrogen water will give you 2-3 mg of hydrogen.
  • Q: Is hydrogen water acidic?
    A: No, hydrogen water is not acidic. If the water is rich in positive hydrogen ions (h+), then yes, it is acidic. But in this case, we’re talking about neutral hydrogen gas (h2), which is two hydrogen atoms tied together. Hydrogen water is water with molecular hydrogen, which is a neutral gas that is dissolved in the water.
  • Q: Are there any dangers to consume too much hydrogen water?
    A: Hydrogen water is safe regardless of the amount. But if a patient is under fluid restriction because of medical condition such as kidney failure or heart failure, they cannot consume too much water. Therefore, follow the physician advice on suitable amount of water consumption.
  • Q: Is hydrogen itself safe to consume?
    A: Yes. Hydrogen gas has been shown to be very safe even when concentrations are 100 times higher than the levels utilized at therapy. Here are a few examples: Hydrogen’s safety was first shown in the late 1800s, where hydrogen gas was used to locate gunshot wounds in the intestines. The reports showed that there were never any toxic effects or irritation to even the most sensitive tissues. Another good example of its safety is that hydrogen gas has been used in deep sea diving since 1943 (at very high concentrations) to prevent decompression sickness. Studies have shown no toxic effects from hydrogen when at very high levels and pressures of 98.87% h2 and 1.26% o2 at 19.1 atm. Furthermore, hydrogen gas is natural to the body because after a fiber-rich meal, our gut bacteria can produce liters of hydrogen daily.
  • Q: When was hydrogen’s therapeutic benefits first discovered?
    A: The earliest account of hydrogen gas having medicinal properties was in 1798, for things like inflammation. But it didn’t become a popular topic among scientists until 2007, when an article about the benefits of hydrogen was published in the prestigious journal of nature medicine by dr. Ohta’s group.
  • Q: How long will hydrogen water last?
    A: It is recommended to drink within 1 hour. Although it is still consumable later, it will have a lower therapeutic concentration.
  • Q: Can i use hydrogen water for cooking?
    A: It is not encouraged for cooking because the hydrogen escapes rapidly at high temperatures. But you can use hydrogen water to soak your rice, to enjoy rich flavor steamed rice. You can also use hydrogen water for cleaning vegetables and fruits. The amount of agricultural pesticides and unpleasant smell will be greatly reduced because of their better absorption than normal water.
  • Q: Can i use my filtered alkaline water?
    A: Yes. If possible, we recommend using ph 7 water.
  • Q: How long can i store hydrogen water?
    A: Once hydrogen water is generated, it can remain in therapeutic range for up to two hours (plastic or glass bottle). In a full aluminium bottle, it can last for up to 60 hours.
  • Q: What should i store with if want it to last longer than 1 hour?
    A: Aluminium bottles are best for storing hydrogen water. Glass bottles are also an alternative.
  • Q: Can i store hydrogen water in a fridge?
    A: Yes! Putting hydrogen water in the fridge will keep the hydrogen in for a longer period of time (we’ve tested it! The hydrogen loss is significantly lesser compared to water left outside the fridge – loss of 0.05ppm for the fridge as compared to 0.24ppm for the one left outside). Not only that, it will encourage you to drink more of it especially in warm climate.
  • Q: Can i use soft drinks, juices or vitamin drinks to generate hydrogen water?"
    A: No, it is meant for filtered/drinkable water only.
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