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Detoxifies at the cellular level and to boost energy.

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Alkalizes acidic body to maintain good health.

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Wholefood drink packed with complete nutrients which promotes youth and improves immunity.

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It is very difficult to suppress appetite especially facing the food, the foodies will always be unable to control eating. As a result, after the stomach is stretched, it will be difficult to slim down. However, there are still some methods, let's look at the 7-day organic detox treatment! Most diets usually only have "temporary effects" and cannot help “permanent weight loss" because the so-called low-fat, low-calorie, zero-calorie diet usually excludes lipid and protein sources that are vital to the human body. The body can't maintain a sense of fullness, and often feels hungry and depressed. It only takes a week and perform the detox treatment consistently, you will find that the plan according to the treatment is actually very simple and effective.

Why Do We Need To Detox ?

Toxins overloaded stresses our body.

First of all, if you have the following circumstances, you are very suitable for this 7 days Detox Program!

1. Less than three bowel movements per week, bloating or flatulence.
2. Excessive weight loss and dieting, worry about the digestive system.
3. Often eat from time to time.
4. Office workers who often sit and work or students who have been sitting in front of the desk to prepare their examination.
5. Women with reduced bowel function after childbirth.
6. Easy to feel tired, headache, lack of energy and motivation.
7. Despite controlling diet and maintaining exercise, weight gains

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Join us in a wellness program designed to cleanse your body for a short 7 days trial period. This program uses the combined functions of Premium BarleyGreen® to help to detox, alkalize and nourish your body. This program serves as a short trial for individuals to experience how detoxing the body can improve their body experience. We recommend individuals to go through a complete 6 – 12 months detox program to gain the experience of a lifetime.

Like many people, Mr. Lim has neglected his life, he does not care about his health, has no time to eat properly, exercise or have enough sleep, thinking that as long as he has enough money, he will be able to live a good life. The disease let Mr. Lim understands that life never needs to run in a posture, desperate determination, life needs a quiet heart, live in a healthy way because the simple life can nourish physical and mental health the best, we can work hard to make material life better, but it can never be relegated to the end. Without health, there is no basis for happiness. Therefore, at any time, healthy living is the foundation of all good life!

In just 7 days’ time, he has achieved his first step to get a healthy body by reducing 3% of body fat, increase muscle mass by 2kg and reduced body fat by 2kg. Mr. Lim understands that his health has finally returned, fortunately, it is not too late! Now, he learns to live healthy.

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Barleygreen (14 stickpacks) + Probio+Plus (14 capsules) + Shaker

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When you are on a detox treatment, be sure to drink plenty of water. Drink at least two liters of water daily. You can add lemon slices in the water and you are allowed to drink sugar-free black coffee, but don't add creamer or whipped cream and don't add sweetener! In addition, you can also drink black tea, it is recommended to take matcha, but you must not add any sugar. Think twice before drinking anything. The best thing to your body is boiled clean water. Schedule a relaxed exercise, have meal without meat, look for inner peace, you can lose 2 pounds (about 0.9 kg) a week. Any time you want to relax, and don't want to deviate from the goal, you may arrange this holistic 7-day organic detox treatment!

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