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Find yourself feeling lethargic, tired or constantly falling sick? These are causes of accumulation of stress, improper diet or pollution which affect our bodies’ capability to detoxify toxins and waste from the body. This ultimately leads to our bodies to work inefficiently due to nutrient deficiency and body acidity which then subjects our body to multiple risks to diseases.

Join us in a wellness program designed to cleanse your body for a short 7 days trial period. This program serves as the first step into the world of wellness and healthy lifestyle. This program uses the combined functions of Premium BarleyGreen®, Probio+Plus, FiberGreen™ and Beta Beet™ to help cleanses and nourishes your body.


This program serves as a short trial for individuals to experience how
detoxing the body improves their body experience. We recommend
individuals to go through a complete 6 – 12 months detox program to gain
the experience of a lifetime.

For any order inquiries please email

or contact us at 03-7727 9999 (PJ-HQ) / 04-6464 505 (Penang Branch)

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