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Most people believe that eventually, we are likely to get diseases as we get older. We have grown to accept that this is one of the complications of growing old. Today, we know that this is not true and that health problems traditionally associated with aging have more to do with our immune system. The immune system is a body response that protects us from falling sick. If our immune system is failing, it is easier for us to get exposed to diseases. 

What we can actually do to improve our immune system ?

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We have always been told that to improve our immune system, we need to eat a certain amount of fruits or vegetables every day. This is because fruits and vegetables contain an abundance of health-promoting nutrients that cannot be found in animal-based foods.


According to the human studies in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, authors Darshan Kelley and Adrianne Bendich, they note that immune response was improved when people consume fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and beta carotene higher than the recommended daily intake consumed in healthy populations. 


However, it is important to get this vitamin C and beta carotene from whole foods and not from supplements. This is because a high dosage of these nutrients could potentially lead to other health complications. Sources of vitamin C and beta carotene must be taken from real food because it contains the right amount and combination of nutrients that our body needs.

Acerola Berries, one of the richest-known natural sources of Vitamin C


If you’re looking to increase your intake of vitamin C, you may be wondering which fruits are the best to eat. While fruits including strawberries, oranges, and kiwi are undoubtedly great sources of this nutrient, acerola berries contain far more. Acerola berries provide around 50–100 times more vitamin C than oranges, lemons, and strawberries. 



Acerola cherry is a type of small fruit, similar to other cherries and berries, that grows on a tropical shrub of the Malpighiaceae plant family. It’s often used to help with or prevent colds or flu as it is proved can help to boost our immunity.


Research has also revealed that acerola is dense with antioxidants including polyphenols and bioflavonoids that are linked with cancer prevention and cognitive health. Many studies have shown that people who eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C have a lower chance to get chronic health problems.

Carrots, popular vegetable with a rich source of Beta Carotene

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Beta carotene, found in carrots and other orange vegetables, are potent antioxidants that can help reduce your risk of various forms of temporary illnesses and serious chronic diseases. Carrots and carrot juice benefit the immune system by helping to defend the body from free radical damage, harmful bacteria, viruses, and inflammation.


The human body converts beta carotene into vitamin A (retinol). Excess vitamin A is toxic. Vitamin A toxicity can occur if you consume too many supplements. The advantage of getting Beta Carotene from food is that the body only converts it into Vitamin A as much as it needs. Therefore, it is recommended to obtain Beta Carotene from your diet, to avoid Vitamin A toxicity.

Beta carotene has long been known to be an immune booster, and studies have shown that Beta Carotene appears to beneficial for an individual with the compromised immune system, and does not appear to overstimulate the immune response of healthy adults.


Beta Carotene may be particularly helpful for the immune system of the elderly. This is because elderly people experience a significantly higher risk of death from infectious diseases than the general population. This apparent susceptibility to infection in the elderly has been attributed to a decline in immune function.

This is evident by the worldwide phenomena of COVID-19 infection which has affected more than 400,000 people and caused death for almost 20,000 people (as of 25 March 2020). The statistic has shown that people who are age more than 60 years old or chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes are the most likely to die from coronavirus infection. (source: ).

These are the people who have LOW IMMUNE SYSTEM LEVEL.


The number is likely to keep increasing every day if we do nothing drastic to change. Right now, what we can do to help each other is by keeping our immune system stronger together. When enough people have stronger immune system, this coronavirus will be spread more slowly in every part of the world.

If your loved ones fit into those high-risk categories mentioned, CARE for them, and FIGHT for them!

Wellness Concept BETA CARROT™, source of natural beta carotene and Vitamin C

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Wellness Concept BETA CARROT™ is 100% natural carrot juice powder with only the fiber removed. It provides you with a very high source of Beta Carotene and is very quickly and easily absorbed by the body. Unlike manufactured vitamin A or beta carotene supplements, Beta Carrot is non-toxic when taken in large amounts.


Wellness Concept BETA CARROT™ also contain Vitamin C from Acerola Berries. Vitamin C is an important vitamin and the human body cannot make on its own, it can only be obtained from food. This is because vitamin C dissolve in water and cannot be stored in our body

Why Wellness Concept BETA CARROT™ is perfect to boost your immune system

Contain high in Vitamin C from Acerola Berries

Most carrot juice powder contains only powdered carrots. Wellness Concept BETA CARROT™ contains Acerola Berries that provide you with a rich source of Vitamin C, which is a perfect combination with Beta Carotene to boost your immune system


Provide you with more benefits than normal carrot

When you eat a carrot, only 1% of beta carotene is absorbed by the body. Cooking breaks down the fibrous wall of the carrot and increases absorption to 19%. However, beta carotene in Beta Carrot powder is absorbed almost 90% to 100% by the human body.

Raw Vegetables

Convenient and easy to drink

By staying at home you need enough nutrients to stay healthy. However, it will be difficult for us to get raw fruits and vegetables as we want to restrict our movement outside to help to limit the spread of coronavirus. BETA CARROT™ is the perfect food for us right now for our immune strong. 

Carrot Juice

Suitable for all ages

BETA CARROT™  is suitable for everyone. Especially for people who have a compromised immune system because of eating too much-processed foods and not eating enough fruits and vegetables.

Happy Family with Pets

BETA CARROT™ powder is derived from an Award-Winning Processing Method

The nutrients of BETA CARROT™ powder remain intact and the enzymes remain active by low controlled temperature and unique spray-drying processing method. Through this unique process, our body cells can easily absorb the beta carotene and Vitamin C from the powder, in about 2- 4 hours after drinking.


20 kg of carrots is extracted into 1 kg of carrot powder. BETA CARROT™is 20 times more concentrated compared to raw young barley grass.

BC processing method-01.png

Award-Winning and Patented Processing Method

 How to Drink BETA CARROT™ every day ?

1) Mix 1 tablespoon of BETA CARROT™  powder with 1 glass (170 ml) of water or with your favorite juice. 

2) Drink twice daily on an empty stomach (20 minutes before or 2 hours after a meal).

3) Do not consume with hot liquids since heat will destroy the live enzyme.

4) For the best result, you are advised to take 4 tablespoons daily.

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