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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Acerola Berries

Acerola comes packed with nutrients, which helps to keep the body fit and disease-free.

1. Vitamin C Supplement

Acerola is widely known for its high level of Vitamin C content. About 180 ml of acerola juice contains as much as vitamin C present in 14 liters of orange juice.

2. Enhances Immunity

The antioxidants, especially the phytochemical compounds as well as Vitamin C, present in the berry play a key role in making our immune system stronger. It eventually helps us stay away from inflammation, degenerative diseases, cancers, etc.

3. Rich in Antioxidants

Acerola is packed with polyphenolic anthocyanidin compounds, which offer excellent antioxidant properties. All these help in preventing infections and cellular aging by making the blood free from harmful free radicals.

4. Strengthen Lung functions

The acerola fruit has shown its efficiency in treating lungs. Acerola contains anti-inflammatory functions and boost respiratory health.

5. Offers Better Cardiac Health

Acerola is capable of keeping our cardiovascular system strong by regulating the blood pressure level and normalizing the heart rhythm. The extract of the berry is also known to put off coronary artery diseases, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, etc.

6. Reduces Blood Sugar Level

It is already said that the acerola berries contain lots of antioxidants including chlorogenic acid. When taken in the form of acerola juice benefits in controlling glucose level in our bloodstream, thus reduces the risks of hyperglycemia, diabetes mellitus and type-2 diabetes.

7. Lessen Gastrointestinal Issues

The high dietary fiber content of the berry can keep our entire gastrointestinal system healthy by facilitating bowel movements and cleansing the intestines. Therefore, it treats digestive issues, such as constipation, diarrhea, dysentery, etc.


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