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LEAN90 Alkaline Plant-based Protein Powder – specifically designed for Wellness and Fitness

Highest Quality Natural Ingredients

Choosing high-quality, natural, and safe ingredients is a top priority for you and so do we. Our Pea and Organic Beets are from wholesome, non-genetically modified ingredients that are beneficial to your body. We identify your needs and we work with our nutritionists to bring better nutrition to you. That is how Lean90 come into fruition. Lean90 is made with a blend of High-quality pea and Organic Beets to deliver a complete protein source, alongside vitamins and minerals.


LEAN90 is harvested from the highest quality of Premium Golden Peas from France. With LEAN90, adding more high-quality protein to your day is simple and convenient. It is made with 98% digestible pea protein that enhances absorption and supports the overall process of our body. It is certified HALAL by Halal Food Council of Europe.


With more vitamins & minerals in each serving from Organic Beet, LEAN90 helps to fulfil your daily protein needs, while nourishing you with other nutrients such as calcium, iron, and potassium. Our Organic Beet is Certified Organic by the USDA.



Essential Nutrition for Your Children

You want the best nutrition for your kids so that they grow up healthy and strong. LEAN90 is an ideal meal that provides sufficient nutrients for your children. It provides ample calcium for strong bones and teeth. It is also an ideal breakfast for your children to have the energy to learn, play, grow, and improve concentration.

For Teenagers Struggling with Body Weight

LEAN90 is a wholesome meal replacement for obese and overweight teenagers. It is also suitable as an additional wholesome meal for your underweight children. Pea protein can help your underweight or overweight children to progress to their healthy weight much easier.

Stay Fit and Young for Women

It is an ideal meal replacement for women to lose body weight and body fat healthily. If you are having pre-menopause symptoms, nutrients in Beet (Calcium & Vitamin B6) and Pea protein can help to relieve your symptoms by balancing your hormones. Sufficient protein also gives you glowing skin, shinier hair, and promotes youthfulness.

Vitality and Fitness for Men

LEAN90 is also perfect for you to build muscle and stay energetic. It boosts your vitality by giving you long-lasting energy for you to stay active throughout the day.

Healthy Aging

Lean90 is formulated for you to stay active no matter your age. It helps to relieve joint pain and to prevent muscles from shrinking. High calcium content can help you to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Lastly, drinking high protein beverages can help you to sleep better.


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