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H2zen Hydrogen Water Generator 【Japan technology and manufactured in Korea】

Drink miracle water anytime, anywhere 🍀


H2zen features:

❤️ Use TRITAN material, BPA free and explosion-proof

❤️ 350ml bottle

❤️ 2 in 1 Design (Tumbler and Drinking Water Bottle)

❤️ More than 1000 ppb (combine with alkaline+ can reach to 1400 ppb)

❤️ Patented technology with new twist type lid

❤️ Can use up to 3-5 years

❤️ Alkaline+ can use for 3-4 months

❤️ H2zen has auto clean function

❤️ 12 months warranty period, we provide repair services


H2zen has two colour which are Pearl White and Pastel Blue, choose the one you like 😃


Package includes:

Set A: 1x H2zen, 1x nano mist, 1x alkaine+, 1x 7 days juicing program

Set B: 1x H2zen, 1x nano mist, 4x alkaine+, 1x 7 days juicing program

Set C: 2x H2zen, 2x nano mist, 2x alkaine+, 2x 7 days juicing program


For any inquiry, kindly message us to learn more


What is Hydrogen ❓❓❓

~ The smallest and lightest element in the universe.

~ Considered as the most ideal antioxidant.

~ The only antioxidant that can travel to every human cell including the brain cells.


How hydrogen protect our cells from free radicals ❓❓❓

✨ Hydrogen donate their electrons to free radicals to prevent them from attacking our healthy cells.


DIFFERENT between H2zen and other brands ❗❗❗

Our H2zen is combine with Alkaline+ 💎💎

💎 Alkaline+ is using TRITAN plastic cartridge which is BPA-free, the black balls are alkaline mineral balls while the white balls are antioxidant hydrogen balls


Alkaline Mineral Balls are able to:

👍 Increase water alkalinity up to pH 9.0

👍 Minerals rich with calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium


Antioxidant Hydrogen Balls are able to:

👍 Increase hydrogen up to 1400ppb

👍 Preserve generated hydrogen up to 8 hours


Benefits of drinking alkaline and hydrogen-rich water

✅ Boost energy and performance

✅ Anti-aging

✅ Anti-inflammation

✅ Healthier and radiant skin

✅ Improve sleep quality

H2zen Portable

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