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Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones with STRONG IMMUNITY during coronavirus outbreak

The one who is most at risk of Coronavirus (Covid-19) infection is the one who has LOW IMMUNE HEALTH.


The key to fight any infectious diseases like coronavirus, influenza or tuberculosis is by keeping your immune system STRONG.

People who tend to have a lower immune system are:

Image by Elien Dumon

Elderly (50 years old and above)

Doctor and Patient

Have chronic medical conditions (heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, cancer, and hypertension).

Even if you do not belong to this group above, you can still spread the virus to other people that have a low immune system level.

How to keep your immune system strong?

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Get enough sleep

(7-9 hours)

Hand Hygiene

Practice proper hygiene (wash hands correctly and wear a mask)

Girl Drinking Water

Drink enough water (minimum 2 litres per day)

Eating Salad

Eat healthily

You have to eat healthy by eating food that is rich in

Image by Shayda Torabi

Protein, vitamins, and minerals and enzymes


Probiotic (good bacteria) for your gut health

Enzymes = Important source of Immunity and Vitality

Barleygreen enzyme level

+ good bacteria

When you are 45 years old, your immune system level and digestive health will be like 35 years old if you consume enough enzymes and probiotics

Dr Hagiwara

You can get enough supply of nutrients and enzymes for your health maintenance from BARLEYGREEN®, a young barley grass from Japan founded by Dr Hagiwara

BARLEYGREEN® is an extract of organic young barley grass with 20 times the concentration. It provides the widest spectrum of natural nutrients available from a single plant source. Considered as the perfect wholesome food with a balanced supply of vitamins, minerals, protein (amino acids), live enzymes, chlorophyll and alkaline needed by the body to strengthen our immune system. BarleyGreen is the only food supplement that contain live enzymes, which are important for body absorption and boosting metabolism because of its award-winning patented processing method.

Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara a world research scientist, spent his early years developing several successful pharmaceutical formulas. However, his health started to deteriorate at the young age of 38. With that, he devoutly spent his years studying the nutrients and benefits of over 150 years and herbs to find and create the perfect green food. His research proved that young barley grass juice is one of the most nutritionally balanced food that nature can offer.

Award-Winning Patented Processing Method


You probably think of oranges as the ultimate food source of vitamin C, but here’s a shocker for you: barley grass contains far more. Vitamins and minerals – particularly A, C, E and zinc in barley grass – play and important role in keeping the immune strong. It makes us more resistant to catching a cold or coming down with the flu.


Barley grass contain superoxide dismutase (SOD), P4D1 and 2”-O-GIV, which aids in preventing cell death from exposure of foreign particles such as free radicals, viruses and bacteria that can affect our immune system level.

dr bob.jpg

Dr. Bob Terry Detoxification expert from United States

BARLEYGREEN® Decomposed Pesticide found in Vegetables and Fruits

Dr. Terry conducted research by adding many types of pesticides and insecticides were into a container of water mix with BARLEYGREEN®. Within 3 hours, insecticide such as malathion, parathion, chlorpyrifos and diazinon were broken down and decomposed by the enzymes in BARLEYGREEN®.

dr kubota.jpg

Kazuhiko Kubota, Ph.D. Professor of Pharmacy Department Science University of Tokyo

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) found in BARLEYGREEN improve inflammation, which is an immune system response

His research found that BARLEYGREEN® can lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, and is key to preventing thrombosis, anxiety, ulcers and inflammation in the body.

dr shibamoto.jpg

Dr.Takayuki Shibamoto, Professor, Department of Environmental Toxicology, University of  California Davis, CA

2”-0-GIV, a potent antioxidant isolated from barley grass powder

Dr. Shibamoto’s research on barley grass lead him to find 2” -0-GIV, a potent antioxidant that is found to be 500 times more effective than Vitamin E in preventing cell damage leading to premature aging and weakened immunity.

Barleygreen Endorsed by Medical Professionals

Looking after your GUT is the best way to boost your immune system during coronavirus outbreak

Image by Artem Bryzgalov

Your gut makes 70% of your overall immune system! Therefore, your gut health is very important to keep you healthy. A healthy gut may decrease infections and immune-related reaction, thus supporting the health of your immune system. Good bacteria play an important for your gut health.

19032020_Healthy Gut Infographic_A4_red-

You also need prebiotic, which is the food for the probiotic. Probiotic cannot live very long in your body without enough prebiotic. Example of prebiotic are fiber found in fruits, vegetable, raw oats and barley.

Why Wellness Concept Probio+Plus?

1. Contains both Probiotic and Prebiotic

Prebiotic stimulates the growth and metabolism of healthy bacteria (probiotic), improving the survival of probiotic in the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Vegetable capsulation form

100% natural and nontoxic. It’s a good choice for vegetarian groups and suitable for all age group.

3. In Capsule form by Microencapsulation Technology

Compare to probiotic in powder form, probiotic in capsule form is more effective to improve gut health. Probio+Plus which is in capsule form, increases the efficacy of the probiotic because it protects them from harsh environment such as the acidity in our stomach.


Keep your body hydrated with Hydrogen-Rich Water

Human body is made up of over 70 percent water. Therefore, your body needs water to function at its best. This is especially true when you are suffering symptoms like fever, and cough which can easily dehydrate you.


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), water helps for health maintenance as drinking enough water helps with recovery.


Hydrogen is the most ideal antioxidant. It is the smallest antioxidant and the only antioxidant that can travel to every cell in the human body. Hydrogen rich water will help improve your body absorption and better remove toxins, bacteria viruses as well. By drinking hydrogen water generated from H2 zen every day, you can stay healthy by keeping your immune strong. H2 zen Japan 1st Hydrogen Water Generator Technology.

(Hydrogen water (1.5 L) vs fruit & vegetable antioxidant comparison)

It is important to for us to take care of ourselves and each other. Remember to eat healthy foods, drink enough water, rest and exercise. You can also help others to do the same and together, we can fight this virus outbreak and stay healthy!

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