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Possess Healthy & Radiant Skin

I was introduced to BarleyGreen by a relative. I take BarleyGreen for health maintenance as I'm currently in my final year of degree, I tend to neglect sleep to catch up with my work which I believe may affect my overall wellbeing. I also think micronutrients are just as important as macronutrients when it comes to maintaining a strong immune system and effective bodily functions. After taking BarleyGreen I have more energy throughout the day (less restless) and my bowel movements have definitely improved! I will definitely introduce BarleyGreen to my friends & family. BarleyGreen provides great amount and variety of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are often not supplied by our daily food intake. Some deficiencies are very common now due to the current diet intake whereby vegetables and fruits

are often pushed aside.

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Stay Energized & Vigorous

 I started to consume Wellness Juicing and Probiotics to replenish my nutrients 6 years ago. This Juicing program helped to solve my constipation and back pain problem. I also consume to ensure my baby’s development during my first pregnancy. During my confinement period, Wellness Juicing Program helped to boost my immune system and energy level. I felt that my metabolism has improved as I did not feel drowsy all the time and also had better bowel movement. I recommend you to take the Wellness Juicing program to boost the immune system and energy level.

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Rejuvenescence of Your Body

I have been taking Barleygreen for more than 10 years. I am an accountant in a corporate and the hectic daily routine and stressful lifestyle had driven me ill. I could not focus in my works and started to feel tired easily. Fortunately, my colleague who had similar body condition recommended Wellness Juicing Program to me. I gave it a try and miracles happened! After taking the program, I felt that my perimonopause symptoms had slowed down and seldom experienced any of the symptoms. My primary schoolmates have been consulting me of my youth keeping secret during every gathering. I felt very grateful and shared the program to my friends and family.

Thank You Wellness Concept.

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Stay Young & Healthy

I was introduced to this product by my cousin’s wife, who had breast cancer. I was diagnosed with nose cancer and had to go for radiation therapy. I consumed Barleygreen before the therapy and continue even after my therapy ended. I noticed that I don’t have much ulcers in my mouth. My brother who has the same diagnosis, needed to use an oral spray constantly before and after all his meals. After my therapy sessions ended, during my regular gynae check-up, my doctor conducted a PEP smear, and discovered I have Angiomas, it was a growth between 0.35 to 0.40cm in size. Doctor advised me to have it removed although it is a very small growth. I made a decision not to, but made sure to have it checked regularly, and it remained the same size. Then after 6 months, the growth disappeared.

I have been taking it since September 2009, it’s almost 10 years. I never stopped consuming it. It helps to detox all the toxic out of your body. During therapy, one is prone to the smallest infection. By taking this product, you boost up your immune system and it does not make you feel heaty. BarleyGreen is the number one product in my mind for staying healthy. I will continue to share this wonderful product with everyone I meet.



Body Pain & Weakness

As soon as I get out of bed, I feel fatigue, joint pain and weakness of the whole body. After listening to my story, my friend Mr. Lee was concerned and brought me over to Wellness Concept for a body toxicity screening. The nutritionist at Wellness Concept shared what was in my blood through the body toxicity screening. From there, I was recommended the Colon Detox Programme where it really helped me improve my body condition shortly after joining the journey with Mr. Lee. I followed the programme closely and took the colon detox programme daily and 7 days into the programme my previous issues have improved. I have been sharing this experience with my family and friends as well. Thanks to Mr. Lee, I was able to regain my wellness through Wellness Concept!

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Best Choice of Meal Replacement 

I was so excited to receive a Lean90 for FREE when I purchased the VIP Package. I am now replacing my dinner with Lean90. Because it is plant based and alkaline, it is easily absorbed and doesn’t cause indigestion. Since then my constipation has been solved and I feel much lighter! I am very happy with the good result !

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Build Muscle

I used to really enjoy delicious food, disregarding their calories, nutrition value, and effects that they have on my body. I was very overweight. After started working in an organic shop, I became more health conscious and paid more attention to what I eat. Because of Lean90’s 3 main characteristics: High alkaline, clean & lean, 98% digestible, it became my best choice in my weight-losing and muscle-building journey.

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Solve Constipation, Sore Throat

Before I came across Wellness Concept, I used to experienced ulcers at least once in a month. After consuming Beta Beet for 3 months, the occurrence of ulcers is slowly reducing and eventually it stops! I sincerely believed that if one consistently maintains the intake, Beta Beet definitely helps in reducing the ulcers in my body. Besides that, I also consumed SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN® everyday, once in the morning and once at night.  BARLEYGREEN® has improved my bowel movement and relieved my constipation problem. Truly felt that both Beta Beet and SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN® are good organic products that are worthy for recommendation.

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Anti Aging, Energy

I have been consuming Barleygreen Premium and Probio+ for 20 years now. Sometimes I also go on Wellness Concept's Juicing program. Overall I feel good and energetic, and does not
experience any medical issues. I feel young and healthy even though I am 62 years old this year. Barleygreen also helps in my bowel movement and thus I do not experience any constipation issue. I introduced barleygreen to all my immediate family and friends for them to enjoy these amazing products.

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Thyroid Disorder 

At the end of 2014, I was diagnosed with this disease through blood test. I was devastated. For many nights my heart rate was very high and I drooled uncontrollably all over my pyjamas. I was very skinny to the point of nothing left but skin and bones. When I had my blood test, my heart rate was way higher than my blood pressure (heart rate 156/blood pressure 116).  I started reading many health related books and finally found the right solution – Super foods from Wellness Concept. In January 2015, I started drinking the Signature Juicing Programme and still returned for regular checkups with medication. Within 4 months of taking the Juicing Programme, my doctor informed that my thyroid level is now normal and I no longer have to take medication. I am truly thankful towards Wellness Concept for transforming my health and my lifestyle.

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